Stylish Bathroom Decor

Here are a few bathroom decor ideas that I thought were really classy. What do you think?

Faux Floating Shelves:

I think these look very stylish. They are also very useful, since they provide space for storage, like for toilet paper rolls, extra towels, etc. That’s always useful in a bathroom (or anywhere for that matter, right?)

Toilet Paper Holder:

I love this toilet paper holder. Plus it’s DIY, with instructions provided, so it’s not going to break the bank. Great looking stuff at a great price – what’s not to love?


Stunning Shower Curtain:

How sunbathed and spectacular does this shower curtain from the unique shower curtains site look?

Shower Curtain

Bathtub Caddy:

Here’s another glamorous idea, to make your luxury bubble bath even more luxurious!

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